Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is just a little peek at some of the background work that I've been coming up with. I actually don't have many backgrounds- most of my movie is set against a white screen and then I have some scenes with crazy settings (most of which can be recycled). These objects will be used in the pivotal scene of the film where the light bulb meets his mother.

The backgrounds were created using water colors and gouache paints and I'll add the rest in with photoshop/ painter on my computer. The items in the front were painted larger and will be resized so I can place them where I want. I really wanted to create a concrete dock that looked really old and weathered. I was thinking of adding some graffiti also but i decided against it- it made the rest of the image look too cluttered and distracting. I love how raw and old concrete looks, it helps ground my characters a little and make them feel more realistic.

I have a deadline coming up this friday; I have to hand in some work to the animation dept. I'm a little behind my own schedule so I'm upset with myself but i have so much going on during the day with RA training so I'm incredibly tired by the time that I get back. Siiiiigghhhhhh........ deadlines...... I need to start trying more to meet my own goals- everyone root for meeeee!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

noteworthy animation

Based on the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West," this is a BBC promotion for the Beijing Olympics. According to angryasianman.com it was produced by the same people behind the Gorillaz. The animation is so clean and fluid- it's a shame we don't see this sort of thing often enough. Instead we get Sketchers Z-Strap commercials done in Flash.

Also- check out
themoviebox.net they have a link to the first teaser trailer for Disney's Princess and the Frog.

Disney's Princess and the frog (2009)

It's their first fully 2-d movie since their uh... box office hit... Home on the Range....

Disney's Home on the Range (2004)

The trailer looks pretty good... though I don't know how I feel about the whole Randy Newman choice. John Lasseter was quoted saying he wanted to use good ol' Randy over Disney veteran Alan Menkin, for the musical numbers, because he didn't want to seem repetitive... I mean... because you know, having already done Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Cars, James and the Giant Peach, and Monster's Inc. - Newman's practically a rookie! In his defense, he grew up in New Orleans which is where the whole movie is set, so he has that advantage... but even in the teaser you can see how pretty much any song he writes just sounds like he's talking.



I've been out since 9.30 last night watching the Olympics with a group of Chinese boys... Korean pride not welcome. The scale of the whole thing in general was so immense and vibrant- if you haven't seen it, good luck, and shame on you- youtube has taken many of the videos down so you'll have to settle on the NBC highlights their website provides (luckily I have my trusty VHS recorder... old school).
Sorry that was a side bar... back to thesis mumbo jumbo. I realized I never quite explained the story exactly (WHAT!? You didn't know it already!? Jerk). It's loosely based on/ inspired by the anonymous poem "Legacy of an Adopted child," and revolves around a little light bulb in search of his 'real' mother. I'm about a year into production come this fall and should start ACTUALLY animating some time maybe next week

Here's a story board of the scene I think I'll be working on

This story board is from the climax of the film. Here's the color pallet I'm utilizing:

Still needs some tweaking. It's a bit unfinished and not soft enough yet (so my adviser tells me)

Yes I am.

Enough about me though. Here's some other news.... about me! I start my 3rd year of RA training on Monday. 2 weeks of "what to do with suicidal students" and "how to be more culturally sensitive" sessions, it makes you want to inflict bodily harm. The one thing that I do enjoy however is the free food. My good friends at Hidden City cater the whole damn shabang and they have really stupendous make your own burritos.

Taco flavored Kisses.

bbo bbo bbo

Friday, August 8, 2008

laura laine

Via John Sohn, I've recently become obsessed with the illustrator Laura Laine. Her work is so beautiful and melancholy. It's nice to come across someone to inspire you every now and then. I'm glad I can add her to my list of favorites. She recently just did some illustrations for the Zara Fall/Winter '08 line.

You can check the rest out on her website. The link is in "fish food"

Bring a change of clothes though- you might drool all over yourself

post cherry post

So for some reason I can't choose more than 8 fonts... I can deal with it I guess : /
I'm incredibly Technologically inept so bear with me here as I try to make this happen haha-this is essentially just a tester post/ ice breaker.... I should buy a scanner...

Take a voyeuristic look into my desktop: haha you can see my previous screen shot attempt