Friday, August 8, 2008

post cherry post

So for some reason I can't choose more than 8 fonts... I can deal with it I guess : /
I'm incredibly Technologically inept so bear with me here as I try to make this happen haha-this is essentially just a tester post/ ice breaker.... I should buy a scanner...

Take a voyeuristic look into my desktop: haha you can see my previous screen shot attempt

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Anonymous said...

Yo, looks gud, Alex. The lack of fonts is due to the fact that there are only about four truly distinct ones that default on the internet. If you want it fancier, you're gonna have to learn yourself some CSS... though I'm not sure if Blogspot supports that. *cough* Anyway, enough nerdiness. Thesis is looking good for you; I'm so jeal!! I'm almost done with storyboards, but I still have a bit to do before I can start really animating. Okay, so I just have to crisp up my BGs and lock in the colours for my protag, but stilllll :flail: