Saturday, August 9, 2008



I've been out since 9.30 last night watching the Olympics with a group of Chinese boys... Korean pride not welcome. The scale of the whole thing in general was so immense and vibrant- if you haven't seen it, good luck, and shame on you- youtube has taken many of the videos down so you'll have to settle on the NBC highlights their website provides (luckily I have my trusty VHS recorder... old school).
Sorry that was a side bar... back to thesis mumbo jumbo. I realized I never quite explained the story exactly (WHAT!? You didn't know it already!? Jerk). It's loosely based on/ inspired by the anonymous poem "Legacy of an Adopted child," and revolves around a little light bulb in search of his 'real' mother. I'm about a year into production come this fall and should start ACTUALLY animating some time maybe next week

Here's a story board of the scene I think I'll be working on

This story board is from the climax of the film. Here's the color pallet I'm utilizing:

Still needs some tweaking. It's a bit unfinished and not soft enough yet (so my adviser tells me)

Yes I am.

Enough about me though. Here's some other news.... about me! I start my 3rd year of RA training on Monday. 2 weeks of "what to do with suicidal students" and "how to be more culturally sensitive" sessions, it makes you want to inflict bodily harm. The one thing that I do enjoy however is the free food. My good friends at Hidden City cater the whole damn shabang and they have really stupendous make your own burritos.

Taco flavored Kisses.

bbo bbo bbo

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