Thursday, July 30, 2009


"Juxtaposed" will air this Saturday August 8th, at 11pm on PBS

For some reason I didn't make a post about this a week ago...

For the past week, people have been voting on my film at! It's been part of an ongoing competition since last friday; every week has a short film competition.  The film with the most votes gets to be shown on PBS/WNET the following Saturday evening at 11pm. 
Plus I get cash which is always helpful hahaha.

"Juxtaposed" won by two votes!!! TWO! Thanks to all those who voted! It was a nail-biter to say
the least.  I really appreciate all those who promoted the event and helped get this film some air time!

Thanks everyone, really.  Drinks on me... in 30 years when I have a stable income.

**** Update 3.30pm ****

Why does my thesis advisor rock so hard?

also- Be sure to check out his site.  Click here to visit the madness! You can connect to his blog from there as well.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

ponyo tickets!

Tickets for the first east coast pre-screening of "Ponyo" recently went on sale! Of course I already bought some (section that good?) but you can buy them too!  The screening will be held in the lovely Symphony Space uptown on 2537 Broadway (95th Street) on Sunday August 9th at 3pm.  Tickets are only $15 and $0-$5 for members of NYICFF.

you can buy them here
***7.28.09 in all the excitement I forgot to post the link!!!***

Don't hesitate to buy tickets for this, it's gonna be goooooooood! It's "expected to sell out" so get them now!  

Maybe you'll see me in section one... wherever that is...

juxtaposed at ABP!

Juxtaposed will be having it's first non school affiliated film festival screening at Animation Block Party!

ABP is from July 24th-26th in Brooklyn, NY.  "Juxtaposed" will be playing the first night which will be located at Rooftop Films.  The following two nights will be at BAMcinematek.  ABP wil be showcasing over 80 animated shorts and there's expected to be a great turn out this year so get your tickets now!

You can always order at the door but it's better to have them on will call

screening and ticket information can be found here

Friday, July 3, 2009


Finally got some more work done on the new film. These are the three main characters, the two on the left are the designs when they're older. Started working on the storyboards too- hopefully I can get a lot of the pre production done by the end of the year. Still working on the title though, I have a couple of things going around in my head but with this one, I really don't think I'll know what it'll be until I'm done with the story boards. (And in case you're wondering- the boy on the left is supposed to have a crooked chin. I think it's probably the best thing about him :] )

Check it out.
Eat it up.