Monday, January 4, 2010


So over the holiday, I finally had the chance to sit back, eat a lot, and work on my next film. The character designs are going to change a bit from my previous entries about the film; I started to feel like they were a bit too childish for the somewhat mature story line I've devised. The story has also made a flip with who the protagonist is, though I won't really get into those things right this second. The image above and the one below are just different ways I can map out the climactic scene- I haven't fully figured out yet how I want it to be revealed. The second image below is a more in depth mockup of one of the storyboards I've already made.

Arrival is definitely an evolution of Juxtaposed, and there's a pretty good amount of similarities between the two films. I'm kind of treating it as though it picks up where Juxtaposed left off and you get to watch the boy grow up and experience the world for himself. The settings are also somewhat of a throwback to the first film, but reworked to fit with the new character designs.

Now the big unveiling of the plot! Oh yes, the plot!

'Arrival' follows the story of a boy who lives in a rather small part of his world- pretty isolated from anything beyond what he can see. Eventually he moves away from his mother and home to a much more chaotic environment, and there he discovers some undeniable truths about himself that don't really settle well. When he decides to return home to confront his mother, he learns an even larger truth; one that is bigger than himself and anyone else. A truth that he already knew, but had been forgotten with time.

Below are some more layout sketches. The best settings you can create are those that are inspired by, or are
direct representations of places you know. I've found even if there is one familiar object in the design, I can create a much deeper and more believable shot to go with it. All of the images below are based on things I've seen or have a deep connection with, and I'm rather fond of them! Take lots of pictures when you see something you like- they don't even have to be good ones- but they'll be handy reference points to look back on. You'll need them some day, I promise!


John S said...

Ah! Looks good--can't wait to see more :)

Mayshing said...

very poetic. :D