Monday, January 18, 2010

jumping ahead

Ok, so I am well aware that I'm getting ahead of myself here but I just couldn't help it; Everyday going to work I have about 45 minutes of a commute to mull over different aspects of my film. One thing I just could NOT stop thinking about was the poster image for it. Usually I wouldn't make this until the film is completed but I actually thought this helped me a lot. I started liking more and more the idea of making it look like old photography. Seeing as the main character is a photographer I found this to be fittingly appropriate haha. It also serves as a vessel for me to just play around with the mood and design of the film, in general. It's going to be a much more mature step above Juxtaposed so I though a realistic portrait would be a good image.

Keep in mind this is not done. It's only a concept piece and will most likely get ditched/tweaked later on. For all I know the mom will be a man in a good two years time haha.

Here's the original drawing just for fun


Arlington said...

Great Character drawing. Looks awesome.

Alex Myung said...

thanks dude :D

Unknown said...

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