Sunday, January 3, 2010

kurosawa powah

To check showtimes for the Kurosawa Festival, click here

The Film Forum in NYC will be holding an Akira Kurosawa festival for the next four weeks starting this upcoming wednesday.

I had a rather long review that I was writing specifically for Kurosawa's Dreams, however it was getting a bit muddy and wordy. So in light of my good friend's advice I'm going to keep this short and simple! If you would like the extremely simple version my friend and I have concocted you may skip to the bottom**

If you haven't seen Dreams I really urge you to go see it, especially if you are a young filmmaker. The film is a series of eight vignettes based on, you guessed it, dreams, that the director has had, which he then brings to life using vibrant color palettes and eerie delicacy.

It might just be my affinity to the idea of something being both frightening and beautiful at the same time (i.e. the 1950's), but I have been inspired a great deal by this film. I won't bore you with disclosing anything explicit in regards to what I like about this film because you will like/not like it for your own reasons. However, keep in mind this is not a film that should be graded on its script or actors. They are merely moments that were born within, now living amongst us, that focus on what is fantastic and illogical in our otherwise 'realistic' realms. They are emotional pieces and downright visual eye candy. They are simply just dreams.

**"Is liking filmses. It is the overjoy."

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