Sunday, January 10, 2010

th3rd and s7venth

My friend turned me on to this video, The Third & The Seventh, that has been floating around the web as of late. It's an incredibly beautiful short film (about 12 min for those with patience) comprised of compositional studies from a photographic perspective. It's essentially different environments created in photorealistic CG, and they're all shown through different focus points as if shot through a camera.

This film is entirely CG and the quality is just amazing. I will admit, near the end, I stopped liking it as much b/c the director, Alex Roman, started to incorporate some more fantastical elements. It was executed well in the sense that we were eased into the more mystical scenes, but I thought it was a bit of a sucker punch to the idea that there is absolute natural beauty in the world around us (even though the obvious irony is that none of the shots are real). Regardless, the film is no less beautiful and inspiring.

Make sure to watch it in full screen as well- the quality is incredibly sharp and won't fuzz out on you. My friend who showed me this would also probably be upset if I didn't mention how great the soundtrack is...

"It's great."

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sachio said...

I could also have done without the shattering fantasy at the end! But I guess that's part of his point that we'd rather not be reminded that it's not really real.