Friday, March 26, 2010

random updates

"Samus Joins the Fray"

So I've been sort of lacking on posts (I didn't even post about who won the Oscars haha) but I've been in sort of an art slump lately so animation news updates were getting screwed over also :P However, I've been working on some personal projects- new film, freelance, and what not so I thought I'd share a bit with you

I've been trying to get better at digitally painting in PS b/c it's definitely something I've always wanted to do well, and this is my first attempt (above) and doing something more "realistic." It's just a fan art piece of Zero Suit Samus as she appears in SSbros. She's looking into the distance and you can see one of the battle stages in the background.

It was good practice and I found that it's actually much easier painting this way as opposed to having everything outlined. I tried to keep it really simple so as to not kill myself on my first go. Hopefully you all like it :D

Also- "Juxtaposed" updates:

My film will be playing at the following film festivals this year: Roma Independent Film Festival, and Citrus Cel in FL. w00t!