Thursday, April 15, 2010

more more more

Here's some more concept art I've been working on. I have all these great old Moleskine journals that I haven't used so I decided to dedicate one entirely to sketches for the film.

I've been playing around with the design for the mother's dress. I decided the old was a bit too boring but I still haven't exactly decided on the perfect dress- I'll have to do some color palettes to be really sold on it. The car (if you can't read my hand writing is a 1968 Morris Minor 1000 Traveler. I know next to nothing about cars but this car is so charming! The frame that you see around the body of the car is this beautifully light stained wood, and the rest of the car is potentially a light green. BY THE WAY: car tires = NOT EASY TO DRAW???? whaaaaa??? I redrew those tires about 50 times because all the previous ones looked like saggy bagels. I still don't think they look quite right...

The other designs are just of the house itself. I have pretty much ditched the whole lighthouse concept and now it's merely just a house in the hills, but when it rains it turns into this little tiny pond. The base of the house is on a concrete platform with a series of water ways so the water can pass easily through. None of this is really necessary to the actual film but I really wanted to understand everything about how the environments work. I'm focusing a lot more of mood through setting for this piece so I want the backgrounds to have purpose and look like they could all really exist somewhere.

Check back for more soon- I have a couple of PS files to upload for next time

Sorry about the scans- the paper is sorta thin and you can kinda see the page underneath, but I didn't want to blow the images out to get rid of it :/ Also they're pretty large so you can read my notes (not that they're that important really....).

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