Saturday, May 29, 2010

cafe boobs

My friend Itai, brought to my attention that Beware has posted an awesome animated short called Cafe Allonge. The short tells the story of what exactly happens when a guy sees a girl with nice breasts.

Can't say that I relate for various reasons (haha) but it's nice insight to this sort of occurrence. The short is animated incredibly well with some really ncie CG backgrounds, and in generally it's just really really funny. Specifically this scene....

Friday, May 21, 2010

style frames

Not much to say.
Enjoy the concept art :D (some are more finished as others as you can see haha...)

Monday, May 17, 2010

tales of earthsea

Goro Miyazaki, the son of the famous Hayao Miyazaki, will be getting an American distribution of his film Tales of Earthsea from Disney later this summer (August 13th). This is a very interesting decision on Disney's part seeing as Earthsea was notoriously bad; It won a couple of Japanese Razzie Awards when it premiered in 2006 including 'Worst Film' and 'Worst Director.'

Although Earthsea had some outstanding box office kudos, the film had such mixed reviews I'm surprised that it's receiving screen time here in the states. I personally didn't think the film was that terrible (the backgrounds were beautiful and the animation was really smooth), but I guess we'll have to see how it does in August.

Let's not judge it too much based on the fact that he's Miyazaki's son. I think we should all perceive this film clear of any previous bias to his father's work :)

For those of you viewing my blog posts via facebook, check out the japanese trailer here
For those of you viewing right from the blog, enjoy below!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

casting call

I've been moving a bit slowly on updates and film art but I have a little prepared for you.
Above are the brand new character and color designs! They might change a couple of times again before the end but only slightly. The two male characters have both their summer and winter clothes shown. I'm thinking of brightening them up a bit for the end- I have so many more character boards to make T^T

I tried to hold back on the shading- when it comes time to actually animate and color I'm going to kill myself trying to shade in all of their clothes. You have no idea how hard it was though holding out from rendering the heck out of these. The entire time I kept wanting to add shadows all over the place, but then I thought of thesis year, and how I cried from so much coloring; it became much easier to hold back after that.

The other drawing is of some more environments you might see. No one make fun of my birds- If you know me well enough, you know I CANNOT draw birds... dunno why.... it will be a problem later on I feel.

FYI: I LOVE DRAWING DRESSES. I can't express this enough! I'm sorta sad that this film only has one female character in it- because then I would just put EVERYONE in dresses.... maybe my next film will just be about skirts and gowns.....


Also this song has been on repeat for ohhh say..... the past 5 days....