Friday, June 25, 2010

vaimoana (blue ocean)

So remember how I had that old idea about the man who fell in love with the Ocean? We'll it's been in my mind a lot as of lately (even though there are a BILLION other things I am/should be thinking of instead). While I had some free time the other day I drew up this sketch that's been in my mind for a while. It's the main character running along the side of the road while the Ocean follows beside him.

Obviously this project won't happen for a really long time (since I have two other films to finish before I even really begin pre prod. on this one) but I think I found a really interesting story with a twist ending that I'm satisfied with.

I'm going upstate for the week, so before I go I will grace you with the little 5 min sketch I drew when I should have been eating my lunch.

Friday, June 11, 2010

do you dream in color?

Prologue: I recently got a part time job at Tiffany & Co. with my good friend Brian, and it's been really great. The design offices for the new leather accessories line is such a different setting from the animation world, but I love them both.

I was working normal hours for 2 weeks, but I've just got an extension for the summer and I now have mondays and fridays to work on another project that I would love to tell you about!

I've been tacked on for a while now as a guest animator for the independent documentary called "Do You Dream in Color?" The film is about a small group of blind teenagers and their inspirational stories. Some of teens have been keeping dream journals and myself along with some other california based animation studios (I'm so alone over here on the east!) will be animating their dream sequences.

I'm so honored to be working on this project and today will mark the first day of real animation for me!! I'm always so nervous to start animating but I can't wait to get this ball rolling.

Check out their Kickstarter page WE HAVE A WEEK LEFT AND 98% OF FUNDS RAISED!!!! PLEASE CONTRIBUTE IF YOU CAN!! You can also check out their trailer below.

I would love to share with you some of the concept art (not featured in the trailer) but it's all being kept very secret (or at least we think it is). SO instead I'll share with you a picture of the snack that the directors (Abigail Fuller, Ivy Dickerson, and Norma Saldivar) sent me today! I was working at home when my buzzer rang and there was a food surprise waiting for me from Kitchen Cold- the food was great and I'm so honored to be working with three amazing young women on this project.

Here's to the long hard road to Sundance- we can do it ladies!! :D