Saturday, July 17, 2010

business man

After about a year of using the excuse "Oh my business cards are still being made, please take this postcard instead," I've FINALLY actually ordered a bunch. I personally like to use, not because they are speedy or anything as their name might suggest, but they have the PERFECT matte card stock.

Glossy in general is very tricky and if not used properly it will look really cheap (in my opinion). But the same thing goes for matte- if the matte is too...well... matte like, it'll just look like you printed out your cards from a xerox machine. OvernightPrints has this really awesome matte card stock that has a little bit of a sheen to it. It's the perfect middle ground for postcards and the like.

This is going to sound like a total plug for the website but, whatever; You can actually receive $15 off of your purchase from now until the 18th (tomorrow) if you use the code 15ALLWEEKED and if you know me at all, this is the ONLY reason I got them at all recently haha. I promise you I only seem so cheap in retrospect...

So- with that being said, because I'm a such a "frugal" person, I will now have to wait 2 weeks for the economy shipping to come through and deliver my lovely gift. tic tock tick tock

Friday, July 9, 2010

la derniere minute

About to leave for Cape Cod this weekend with the family (too much traveling- after this weekend consider me done). I thought I'd leave you all with some more stuff; I've definitely been getting ahead of myself with this new (old) idea about the fisherman. It's been in my head a lot lately so rather than ignore it due to other priorities I figured I would just crank what I have out and then leave it alone.

The shorter boy in the middle was actually supposed to be the main character when I started drawing him, but then he ended up being a bit too "cute." The problem is that I LOVE his outfit hahaha so I'm thinking of integrating him somehow. The color schemes are goibg to be very, greek summery (white and BRIGHT true blues). I want it to look blazing hot in this film, with the whites almost being over exposed so the other colors pop. Hope you all like it :D

This last picture is a gift I'm drawing for someone, in its rough stages. The pink stripe will be painted (it's PSed on right now) and this is only a close-up of the girl- there's more beyond her. They'd better like it!!!!!