Friday, July 9, 2010

la derniere minute

About to leave for Cape Cod this weekend with the family (too much traveling- after this weekend consider me done). I thought I'd leave you all with some more stuff; I've definitely been getting ahead of myself with this new (old) idea about the fisherman. It's been in my head a lot lately so rather than ignore it due to other priorities I figured I would just crank what I have out and then leave it alone.

The shorter boy in the middle was actually supposed to be the main character when I started drawing him, but then he ended up being a bit too "cute." The problem is that I LOVE his outfit hahaha so I'm thinking of integrating him somehow. The color schemes are goibg to be very, greek summery (white and BRIGHT true blues). I want it to look blazing hot in this film, with the whites almost being over exposed so the other colors pop. Hope you all like it :D

This last picture is a gift I'm drawing for someone, in its rough stages. The pink stripe will be painted (it's PSed on right now) and this is only a close-up of the girl- there's more beyond her. They'd better like it!!!!!

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