Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sleeping with the sea

New sketches based on that other film idea I have, which by the way now has a name!

Vai Moana: Sleeping with the Sea

I probably won't be able to do anymore actual work on Arrival until the end of the year, unfortunately. Things are happening!! But expect for the new year an ABUNDANCE of story board shots and maybe even some...dare I say...ACTUAL BACKGROUNDS??

The Do You Dream In Color spots have to be done by Nov-December ish so I'll be consumed in that (Rough animation 70 percent done! wahoo!!! Can I finish by my deadline for next weekend?? Fingers crossed...). So since I won't be able to really work on Arrival for the time being, I figure I can just play around with whatever ideas I feel like; I'm really running with the direction the story is taking with this one and can't wait to really get it moving (in about...oh say... 6 years?)

So just as an idea- here are my projected completion dates dates (worst case scenario haha) -_-;

1) Do You Dream In Color?: Fall 2010 (released in 2011)
2) Arrival: Fall 2012 or Summer 2013
3) Vai Moana: 2016

So... ya'll are just gonna have to wait patiently. Animation is werk!! ::hands on hips::

I've been advised by some people to make shorter funnier content with faster turnaround periods- But I have to say I love this whole process, and while of course I would love these things to be done tomorrow, I wouldn't trade any of the time I spend on it for the world....

What do you think? Short and funny- Fast! Or- slow and heartfelt with a little patience?

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Ala said...

I enjoy both, and think the soul needs both, or maybe I'm just greedy. :P