Thursday, May 12, 2011

romantic McQueen

My favorite piece from the collection

I finally got an opportunity to check out the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art today. First off let me just say, this exhibit is huge! I wasn't really expecting there to be so many pieces on display. Secondly, everyone who has the ability to should go and view this amazing collection of work. I had to get there when the museum opened just to beat the rush (even though by the time I left it was packed) but it was totally worth it. Each room is carefully curated into a very in depth (and yet somehow "tip of the iceberg") view of what it might be like to attend one of the late Alexander McQueen's shows.

Now, yeah, this is an animation blog- but I am OBSESSED with drapery and drawing clothing so I jumped on the chance to go see this. I've never felt so moved by fashion before; maybe it's because he's dead, or maybe it's because he's really just that much of a genius, but I found myself getting somewhat emotional looking at these pieces.

These are just a couple of sketches I did while I was there. It was a bit difficult since there were no benches and the lighting was dark. Also there was a good amount of ppl later on and my sketchbook didn't have a good backing to it (These are either really good explanations for any weird proportions, or really poor excuses for them just being awful). I might go back again soon to sketch once more and better prepare myself.

Again I suggest every animator, and illustrator for that matter, go and see this installation- you might walk away with more than you bargained for.

If any of you like the visuals from Tarsem's films,
you'll get a little teary eyed looking at some of these pieces.

Also as a small update- work on DYDIC? is moving along (slowly but surely) and Arrival is also finally in the animatic stages! The story boards were finished last week and now I'm doing my first rough cut. Stay tuned....

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