Thursday, June 9, 2011

beyond the veil

Wow, realized I hadn't done a new post in WAY too long. Thought I'd whip something up quickly for you all. I've been thinking about the cinematography of my film a bit more, recently. I finished the rough storyboards, but it's looking pretty plain so I've been looking at a number of music videos for some inspiration. A lot of really simple music videos have some great cinematography and lighting so I've been trying to study the depths of field: Where is the focus? Where are the shadows? What kind of forms and compositions do they make? Where do the shadows look LEAST appealing?

Now, whether or not these questions have been answered through this one sketch is subjective haha, but it was definitely a good learning experience. I learned what kind of colors make the picture look hokey and what colors make it look muddy. I really want my film to look as though it's been shot in real life, and hopefully this was a good step forward!


Emily said...
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Emily said...

lovely colors, really great and a lovely vintage feel to boot! just play with you shadowing a bit more.
It reminded me of this new set of photos released from the library of congress, they are depression era photos in color.