Wednesday, September 28, 2011

memories in shadow

I recently had to have my computer fixed (for a billion and one reasons), but now that he's back to me I can share with you some of the work that I did during that time!

I started actually doing detailed drawings of some of the more complicated interiors- these three specifically are of the same room shot at different angles for one scene in the film.  I absolutely love the contrast that natural lighting gives to films (ex. Maboroshi) and for this environment it's really important to the development of the mood.

A little bit of tweaking will probably be done before I actually do the final colored versions of these, especially since I might decide to draw them bigger-not sure.  However, I hope that the somberness I'm trying to express reaches you!

Friday, September 16, 2011

hair toss

I really wanted to start off this post by saying "SO....blah blah blah..."

But then I realized how many posts of mine start off in such a way; this made me depressed.

THEREFORE I will start this way :)  Here's another REALLY SHORT animation test I did for Arrival.  I had actually finished it a while back but had some issues with After Effects.  I wanted to have a background with it but I got lazy and just kept it as is (also all the backgrounds I made for it previously sucked).

I have a pretty long amount of time off of work ahead of me so I'll be working on Arrival and doing my best to finish up DYDIC? (FINALLY!!)