Saturday, August 25, 2012

work dump

In a short while I'll be in Asia for about five weeks, making stops in various parts of Korea and then Shanghai. So before I left I wanted to just get some of these backgrounds up here.  If you are friends with me personally, you have probably seen the last two but the first one is a new- A fitting one, perhaps, in accordance  with my travel plans. 

Aside from work on my film, I've been futzing around with an idea I had to come up with in College for an "Animated Series" class.  I'm not entirely sure what I would like to do with it, but so far I've worked out most of the story.  Essentially it's about a really quirky girl named Lavender who solves mysteries with a quiet boy named Milton, and her pet ant eater named Barf.  It's a very different style from how I normally draw, but I've found that it allows me to create so many interesting characters;  I have about ten pages of weird people and descriptions of them.  I also love the idea of lighthearted stories containing darker and much more complex underlying structures so I've been using that as a bit of a blue print for the plot line.

I'll be back soon! Maybe I'll post some sketches from my trip as well :)