Sunday, October 28, 2012

things are happening!

Hello! I got back recently from my trip to Asia and it's been pretty crazy since I've gotten back.  However, my trip did exactly what it was supposed to do: allow me to reflect upon my goals I've set out, and rejuvenate my motivation to complete them!

With a little convincing from my friends I've also started to put together a Kickstarter page to help raise funding for my film.  At the moment the budget is TBD and I have a lot to put together so It will hopefully go up by the end of the month (as a birthday present to myself haha).

I don't want to give everything away in terms of what I'm putting together so I'll just give you some glimpses.  I feel quite naive for thinking the KS page would be really easy to set up.... oh how wrong I was...

I'll be back soon with the page info! Things are happening!!!

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