Monday, January 21, 2013

12 hours down, 696 to go (I think, was never good with math)

It's finally here!! Can you believe it?! It's taken me nearly 2 months to put this together but I finally launched the Kickstarter today for my second short film, Arrival.

This story is so important to me, and I think it can really speak to many different kinds of people out in the world today, I just want to share it with all of you!  Any support you can give the film is so encouraging to me- whether it's a monetary donation, sharing it on your blog or facebook (or just anywhere on the internet!), or if you have just said something really kind about it, Thank you so much.

It's only been 12 hours but we've ALREADY raised $1,600 of the $20,000 goal! That's incredible! I couldn't stop staring at my computer today because I was so excited and antsy hahaha.

Thank you all again for everything up to this point.  Here's to the next 29 days!  Funding officially ends at 10am on 2/20/13!

Below i've attached the video on the kickstarter page, but if you would like to be taken to the actual website, just click here! or click the banner at the beginning of the post!


Arrival is about a boy, growing up with his mother in the countryside, who journeys into the big city to follow his dreams. All the while the two communicate by sending pictures back and forth to each other, sharing their now completely different lives.  Along the way he meets another boy with whom he is determined to share his life with. However, when tragedy strikes, the boy becomes stuck in a cycle of indifference rather than standing up and facing his problems. 
Though it is said (and certainly not disputed) that the "journey" is the real story, at some point we have to arrive at our destination. The decisions we make once we get there define us just as strongly as the decisions that brought us there in the first place

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